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Today Katy Perry took to Instagram to officially debut her brand new silky pajamas - custom printed with her dog Butters' face on them! Gifted to her by her stylist Johnny Wujek, Katy captioned the picture: "CUSTOM PUPPY PJ GAME STRONG", and I would have to agree. Those are some pretty epic PJs.
Katy is so close with her dog Butters that she even takes him on tour. He's been her official 'road dog' for over a year now! (And really, with that face, how could you ever expect her to just leave him at home?!)
SOUND OFF: Would YOU ever sport custom pajamas of your favorite pet? Or do you think this look is a little tacky? Leave your comments below!
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@ArianaVenti Are you going to get your dog pajamas with your face printed on them? LOL
i really didn't know Katy Perry was a dog lover i always thought she liked cats
@ScarlettPena09 I think she's just an animal lover in general lol. But I remember she loves her ca too. Kitty Purry, right?
@beywatch thats actually a really cute name lol
@ScarlettPena09 RIGHT?? I thought the same thing about her dog's name. I was like LOL BUTTERS.