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I don't know if it is my body coming out of hibernation from winter, or if I have a tape worm, but I am hungry all the time. It doesn't help that my office is constantly stocked with snacks or that my favorite thing in the world is some bready treat to go with my coffee in the morning (on top of breakfast!)
I've tried cutting back but that just seems to backfire, so I did a little research to figure out why I have the munchies 24/7.

1. I need more sleep

When you're not getting enough sleep, your body wants to get energy from food. In a 2012 Mayo Clinic study, individuals who cut their sleep time by an hour and 20 minutes a night consumed an average of 549 more calories the next day than those who caught their usual amount of Z’s.
Aim for 6-8 hours a night!

2. I've skipped meals

I thought that eating less would make up for all of the calories I'm consuming, but that's not the case. My body freaked out and suddenly I was digging in the fridge without even thinking about it. There’s nothing to stop ghrelin (the hunger hormone) from telling the brain you’re hungry other than eating. So if you miss breakfast, that hormone is already running high and it’s hard to shut off at that point. You'll be hungry all day!

3. I'm exercising

Not to sound like Captain Obvious, but if you’re going hard in the gym every day, your body is going to need more calories. If you don't replace them well, you're body is going to drive you crazy!

4. I'm thirsty!

Thirst and hunger are easily confused because the side effects—fatigue, light headedness, an empty stomach—are similar. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, gulping water before breakfast, lunch, or dinner can help control how much you eat.

5. I'm stressed

I never considered myself an emotional eater, but stress can be really subtle sometimes. Work on clearing your mind and calming yourself down even if you don't think you're under any pressure.

6. I eat straight from the package

Eating out of a multiple-serving package is just a recipe for a binge. Whether it’s eating ice cream from the gallon, chips from the bag, or nuts from the jar, when you eat directly from the package, you lose all sense of portion control.

7. I see food all the time

My coworker has a stash of snacks on her desk, my office's kitchen is filled with crackers and cookies, there are food trucks on every street corner, I CAN'T ESCAPE. My mind can't stop thinking about food so all of a sudden I feel like munching~
I scored 5 out of 7 on the list. I need to start changing my lifestyle.
I am SUCH a stress eater!!
I really am a combination of all of these, but only a little bit so it is easy for me not to notice. Thanks for this reminder that I need to pay more attention to all my little needs :)
I am always sipping on something throughout the day to stay hydrated. This is a helpful list!
I always get the crazy munchies when I don't sleep enough. I wake up from a bad night's sleep and my tummy is growling.
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