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It works for me!!
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@yamelgm I'm just a bit confused like the paste always ends up at the bottom so is that what we use?
really? how long did it take for you to see the effect???
I started using the arm and hammer yellow deodorant about 6 months ago(only like $2.50 at Walmart) & I can honestly say my underarms look so much better. deodorant lasts and it helps the appearance!
I've been doing this for a while & it has lightened my underarms considerably by the first week, but hasn't gotten rid of the problem completely. Most likely I have an allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient in my deodorant & everyone else should take that into consideration if you have this issue too.
@chriStole u should try lemon and sugar.... It helped me... u cut a lemon in half and u half of it and dip it in sugar and gently rub it underarms for a few mins and before u shower