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extra scene at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i fount this vid onn youtube there is a scene from 1 of the next week episodes near the end..... eeeeeeeeeee cant wait any longer anymore......... i keep watching the last scenes over and over of this vid...........................:] ;@ ;] <3
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oh lucky im learning korean ...재밌다 Jam It Dah..{ its fun] i live here for 3 years now i thjnk so i just started taking classes] :]
5 years ago·Reply
Really iqra... me too I wanna learn korean language... so I won't have a hard time watching their shows. hehehe
5 years ago·Reply
waahh...for me it's just hindi and english..i'm such a lazy person!
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i also wanna learn korean
4 years ago·Reply
@ revathy I have pick up words and grades by watching the drama's and I also down loaded applications on my phone and iPad even my son uses them
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