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Have some kimbap leftovers in the fridge? With some eggs and cooking oil, the leftovers can be re-born into some new delicious meals!
Materials: - Last night’s kimbap
- Egg
- Cooking oil


Step 1: Whisk 2 eggs.
Step 2: Dip the kimbap into the egg mixture.
Step 3: Heat the pan and fry the kimbap.
Done! Fried kimbap!
Watch the video to see more delicious ways to cook with kimbap leftovers, such as stir-fried loose kimbap.
I've never tried kimbap but it looks pretty similar to sushi?
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There are similar in the fact they are both rolls and have rice and seaweed ingredients. Otherwise the ingredients vary between the two. I think the major difference is that sushi has raw fish whereas kimbap doesn't - the meat or fish in kimbap is always cooked. @peppermintt
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