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I am so connected. I am talking to four different people right now, in two different countries, on three different chatting platforms. I answered an anonymous Tumblr question last night, got virtually introduced to a friend-of-a-friend who needs college advice, I liked a complete stranger's Instagram picture. I am so alone.
We are simultaneously the most and least connected generation the world has ever seen. We are constantly interacting with each other via texts, snap chats, emails, status updates, tweets, you name it - but do these interactions have any meaning whatsoever?
How many friends do you have that you rarely talk to in person, even if you see them every day? When was the last time you just hung out at a friend's house, doing nothing? It is so much more common to just lay around at home talking to your friends who are laying around their home. We're always connected but we're never together!

How to Actually Get Connected:

- Call a friend: The sound of a human voice is a beautiful thing, and you'll be surprised how different your conversations become when they aren't via text.
- Make a date: Physically meet up with a person, especially someone that means a lot to you. Online interaction can only go so far, and to really know a person you need to spend actual time with them.
- Talk about things that matter: Stop talking about Netflix or that annoying girl in your class. Talk about things that mean something more to you, something that requires more thought and discussion.
- Have game night (no phones allowed): Have fun with your friends for the sake of having fun with your friends. Don't record it, don't snap chat-it, just be present and have fun.
- Compliment someone: It's so easy to leave a like or a sweet comment on someone's picture, but its much more rare in real life. Compliment someone face to face, it will make your friendship that much stronger.
- Take a step back: I know it's hard, especially with work and just how our society runs right now, but try to ease off of social media for a while. See what happens.
Game night sounds like a great idea! I haven't broken out the UNO cards in ages!
My mom and I do everything together. she is my best friend. It drives her crazy when I keep looking at my phone!! oops
I travel a lot so I often feel like I am not connected to my friends unless I am online all the time, but I find that when I come home I know just as much about what is going on in their lives without constantly texting them as I do when I steer clear of my phone. We're still close because we both know that no matter where I am or how much we talk, I'm here for them and they're there for me.
My mom doesn't know how to use her smart phone at all and claims thats how she manages to be so much more connected to her friends....maybe she's right!
Reading this and nodding along--I've been trying to put my phone down more and more often lately....already noticing the difference!