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Music festival season is approaching and I'm super excited because it'll be a time of great music and fun events. For those of you attending Coachella for the first time you're probably wondering what to wear. With that said, here are 3 outfits ideas for your inspiration!
The first look is all about comfort and functionality. Which is why everything is loose and relaxed. Try wearing a camisole with a baggy distressed jeans. The cut-outs are going to keep you cool. If you plan to dance I would recommend wearing a pair of chucks or flat sandals.
During Cochella there are several parties that happen so this outfit is for the girl who's ready to chat up the storm. An embroider shift dress in light-weight fabric is relaxing but not overwhelming. Accessorize the outfit with a vintage bag to carry all your belongs because you won't have enough hands for that.
Music festival can be boiling hot so this breezy outfit can keep you from sweating all your makeup off. A crop top with a flowy pattern skirt will keep you moving an grooving without overheating. Accessorize with a floppy hat to keep the sun away from your face!
Got any festive outfit suggestions or comments feel free to leave a comment below. I would like to hear what you think. That's it for today!
a cite little umbrella like the ones that you can fit in your purse is great for staying cool and a bandana you can soak and cool off with at anytime. Also a refillable push water bottle and for heat exhaustion drink v8. It's a life saver. Also I think those little Asian rice growers caps would be a cute trend for this year.
Another suggestion, you should totally carry a light sweater for unexpected weather change.
the first look would be better with denim shorts.
I always wore a fun graphic tee, flip-flops, and some crazy printed shorted. And my tee would be nice and loose on me so I could wear an embarrassing fanny pack on underneath with everything I could possibly need to bring with me. I HATED carrying a purse around. And as embarrassing a fanny packs are, you get a lot more freedom to dance!
@EdenMMercedes I love your rice growers cap suggestion. I actually have one sitting in my closet!
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