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@Sjeanyoon just posted a pretty awesome card about why she's eating all the time (lol) and I wanted to jump in with my own issues: craving junk food.
I rarely eat junk food, sweets, or anything that isn't relatively good for me, but because of the holiday seasons, stress, and just bumps in the road of life, I have started eating more and more of the stuff I used to avoid. Because of this, I find myself craving random foods I've never craved before. Like pizza. Oh my god I would pretty much sell my soul, my roommate, and/or my nail polish collection for a piece of pizza right now. What is wrong with me?
I know that these cravings will go away as long as I get back to my healthy eating regimen, but damn this transition is no fun. Here are a few tips for controlling and overcoming cravings, but I warn you: they aren't all easy!
You're Going to Give In
I'm not telling you to plan for failure, but...plan for failure. Don't wake up and say 'no sweets today' because that just isn't going to happen. Plan ahead and give yourself an allotted calorie budget for a snack during the day. You always want chocolate around 4pm? Grab a handful of chocolate covered almonds and plan your meals around that calorie intake.
There are so many tastier options than boring old fast food french fries. Fall in love with Panko and get into baking your own fries (potato, zucchini, sweet potato, onion, your neighbor's dog, 'fry' everything)
Don't Get Rid of the Evidence
Instead of throwing away a wrapper after you eat something sweet, keep it in a jar. It’ll help you be more aware of how much you’re eating.
Picture Your Goals
Make a collage with pictures that represent you reaching your goal—and look at it when a craving hits. Then ask yourself if having that doughnut will bring you closer to your goals. One the pantry or fridge door is a good spot.
Focus on Your Food
You might be craving foods because you aren't satisfied with what you're already eating. Focus on the meal in front of you so your body recognizes that you're feeding it a good meal. Cut out those distractions like TV and email for a few minutes to eat!
I used to have a picture of some girl on my fridge to try to stop me from raiding the fridge but then I started to feel rebellious and would stick my tongue out at the model while I reached for the ice cream hahahaha
I am actually that shark whenever I see pizza! I just make a point to not order it myself, only if friends are coming over (lots of friends ahhaha)
This picture is KILLING me. And I love making collages of my goals. It really helps!
I just feel guilty whenever I give into a craving, even if I do a good job and only nibble on some dark chocolate instead of going hog-wild in the chocolate bar aisle.
Assuming you're going to munch is a great idea, especially at potlucks or parties where you know you're going to be surrounded by food that just isnt great for you
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