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I am sort of embarrassed that I didn't know about 800RoseBig. They're not even that far away--Newport beach. If you go to their website it can look like a used car dealership, but, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. You can visit their website here and check it out yourself.
And yes, with the opening of more locations in the US, besides their Boca location in Florida and Newport Beach in California, they will ship flowers anywhere you need them in the US!
I'm not going to show pictures because anyone can post a beautiful picture. Instead, I am going to leave you with some reviews. Some were SOOOO LOOOOOONG, I simply had to cut it off.
Please leave your thoughts below. What is your biggest fear with flowers? Is it price? Is it the design? Are you nervous the florist won't understand your vision? Let me know! :)
I plan to make a trip this weekend to check this place out. We're sort of spoiled in LA because we have access to such variety and abundance. Similar to New York, I'd imagine. It's nothing for anyone to head to the floral district of LA and get whatever you need. It's open to the public!
going to tell my mom about this place
Never heard of these but I also dont live in california. The website shows 50%off i wonder if that's normal everyday