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Waffled French Fries
I have a weakness for golden crispy fries. Every time I stop by Five Guys I would order a burger with a drink and a side of cajun fries. If you've been to this burger joint you know they're generous with their fries portion. Unless you have lion's appetite it will be impossible to finish the combo. I usually have leftover fries and I take them home to reheat them in the conventional oven. My only problem with popping them in the oven is the texture is still slightly soggy because of the the baking pan.
Recently, I discovered another way to make old fries crunchy and more attractive. you guessed it - the secret is waffle iron.
This ingenious waffle iron technique is one of the best way to heat up your cold soggy fries. Throw them in the waffle iron and let the magic happen. The result is better than curly fries. You'll never want to go to Jack-in-the-Box again.
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Has anyone told you that you're a miracle worker? This is genius!
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I'm testing this out with my friend's waffle iron if it works I'm buying one for myself.
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This definitely isnt the cutest waffle I've ever seen but I bet it tastes good!
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And the award for Best Vingle Collection of all Time goes to...
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