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While the idea of making it out east and doing a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail has always been something in the back of my mind, I've never thought about taking my dog with me. But after watching this video I can't help but think it'd be so much fun! Sure, she'd need to train up for it a bit more, but I think she'd love it.
My big concerns are about whether or not dogs are allowed on the trail at all points--aren't there some areas that are dog-free trails? I'm not sure if maybe @happyrock knows anything about this since she's got more knowledge on the AT than me!
Anyways, a southbound hike (less crowded) with her sounds like just what I need.
I think it looks like a great time!!! It's like having a friend no matter where you're at, you know? Sure, you might have to slow down and take your time, but hey its gonna be a better trip for it.
I think as long as you are aware of the laws and keep quiet and polite with her I wouldn't mind seeing you on the trail but I don't know the regulations well.