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This will be my first time attending the biggest music festival of the year. I've heard great things about the concert and while I love being outdoor this will be my first time spending a 3-day weekend out in the dessert. This mean my skin will be exposed to the sun under a grilling temperature. To prepare for Coachella I came up with a beauty survival guide to enjoy the weekend without worrying about skin troubles.

1. Protect your skin from the sun.

Must Pack Item: Sunscreen and sunglasses
Optional: Sun hat
Sun protection is vital to avoid sun-damage, skin discoloration and damages. Don't skimp on that this! Also, sunglasses could help prevent eye wrinkles!

2. Extend your makeup application.

Must Pack Item: Waterproof eyeliner and mascara
Optional: Long-lasting lip stick
You want your makeup to last as long as possible. However, with the crowd and humid weather you're bound to sweat. Waterproof makeup tools such as mascara and eyeliner is important to keep them from smearing.

3. Hydrate your skin.

Must Pack Item: Water bottle, lip balm
Optional: Face mist
Skip the booze and fizzy drink if you're dancing in the crowd because it will dehydrate your skin. Instead carry a bottle of water to keep your skin balance. Don't forget to moisturize your lips because dry pouts are unattractive. If you want to freshen up your makeup you can face mist will do the trick.

4. Control your body odor.

Must pack Item: Deodorant
Optional: Dry shampoo
As I mentioned before with the crowd and heat you're bound to sweat. Make sure you're not passing some weird odor to your neighbor.
I'm from the desert and have some very important tips to add. Heat exhaustion is serious and without realizing it you can end up to sick and tired to enjoy all three days. So I suggest you spend a lot of time in the shade the first day until your body adjusts to the heat. So bring a small umbrella cuz stages 1 and 2 aren't shaded. Also v8 is a must to rehydrate at the end of the day. Bring a refillable water bottle with a string to tie it to your bag so you don't have to carry it. A bandana so soak and put around your neck or head or ankle wherever to cool off. Electrolites like gatorate powder to mix with water is cructial. If you start feeling like you need a nap in the afternoon your probably starting to get heat exhaustion so go to the tents in the beer garden with air conditioning and cool off and rehydrate for 30 mins. Have fun! I wish I was going but I moved to Nashville last year ;(
I have a photosensitivity from some medication I'm required to take, and I've gone to Coachella a few times. One of the recommendations I would make is to (like @EdenMMercedes said) check out the air conditioned tents. There's actually 3 out of 5 stages at the festival that are air conditioned. Alsoooo.. the company that makes Rit Dye also makes a Rit Sun Guard, which is an SPF you can add to your laundry to add sun guard to your actual clothing. Before I went to Coachella, I gave all of my festival clothes one final run through the laundry with the stuff, and it really helped keep all of the sun off.
This is a nice list @mikayla. If there's one thing you absolutely need to bring on the list it's sunscreen. I got sunburned last year because I was ignorant and I regretted it.
My roommate always carry a face mist in her purse and spritz her face several times a day. Maybe that's why her face always looks moist.
Lip balm is a must for me. I can't stand dry lips.
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