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I've sort of known from day 1 of learning about thru hiking that it wasn't for me--I just don't think I could hike 2,600 miles, for 5 months straight! I love hiking, but what would I look like at the end of that?!
Apparently, something like this. Meet Andy. This is what he looked like before (left) and after (right) his 1,000 mile hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. He took a selfie every single miles of his hike!!!

Watch the full progression--it only takes 4:58!

@happyrock Check this out!
He is really good at making the same face over, and over, and over again.
@fallingwater Just seeing this. I think he looks great!!! Man, a trip like that really can change you for the better.
(and I meant in spirit, not in looks lol)