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The first time I witnessed Fantasmic! was in 2000 at the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland. That experience was AMAZING! Since then I've seen the show probably 20 more times there and a couple times at Disney's Hollywood Studios behind the Hollywood Tower of Terror.
Personally, I think the version in California is better, which is why that's the one you're going to see here.
Since the show began in the late 80s--yes the show is really that old--it's been altered, updated and seen its share of technical mishaps, but it was a marvel in its day. It was the first no-ticket park attraction implemented that Disney required years of planning, partially because many of the special effects used had not been invented yet. In fact, Disney holds more patents on innovations created than any other branch of entertainment!
What's your favorite part of the show? Leave a comment below.
I always liked Peter Pan's part! I've only been to the California Disney once, but I've been to the flordia one a few times. Nice to see this one!!
Just updated the video. Last one was buggy
@marshalledgar It was pretty cool, especially because I hadn't been there until I got older so it was a little different of an experience.
I am so glad that you like it. Isn't California's Disneyland amazing?! My favorite park.