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Soon, you might not have leave your house to get to the nearest Taco Bell. The CEO Brian Niccol has announced that he likes the idea of a delivery service, and is working out the details of implementing it, though it wouldn't be for quite some time.
Yes, that means you can have that cheesy gordita crunch delivered straight to your door.
Yes, that means you no longer have to drive around the sketchy back of the building to connect with your bag of tacos.
Yes, that means you can eat Taco Bell and enjoy the comfort of your own bathroom!
I have no idea when or if this will really come to fruitition (It's Taco Bell, after all, they're kind of willing to try anything even if it doesn't end up working out--remember the Waffle Taco?) Still, I'm excited at the possibility. I hope they deliver in a pretty far radius; my nearest Taco Bell is pretty far...
Maybe they should consider making Taco Bell Burrito Drones instead!
Apparently, they've changed their minds since tweeting this...
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I would definitely use the delivery service if it does happen. Now if Starbucks started this, it would be heaven on earth!
@marshalledgar I wondered about that too--if there's a way they can get in on Pizza Hut's delivery service that'd be great for them (though I really wonder if their partnership goes that far). I"m sure there's some kind of delivery service they can partner with though.
I love that they have a sense of humor and don't take themselves too seriously. More brands need to be like that. Since Taco Bell is part of a consortium of eateries with the likes of Pizza Hut and KFC, I wonder if it's a plan they want to get right and unveil (with ease) to all three (or more) food brands. Just a thought.
Taco Bell's sense of humor is the main reason why I don't hate their company. Other people need to lighten up!
I don't know why there aren't already more delivery services in the US that deliver from popular spots. Other countries are loaded with them.
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