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Since I've been learning so much from all of you I thought I should also share my beauty findings with the community. I'm still new here so please bear with me! :)
I've seen all sorts of dark circle makeup tutorials using concealer but using a red lip stick sounded like a joke. This is why I'm sharing this video because I couldn't believe my eyes. I own three red hue lipsticks and they usually last a long time. I'm frugal, so I love working with something I already have.
I tried it out and for the first part (after applying the lipstick) I definitely looked like I got socked in the eye but it did work!
Check the video out to see if it's a makeup fail or holy grail!
@MaggieZavala I would suggest using an pink shade lipstick for lighter skin.
OMG I'm so happy you did this, I have a similar skin tone as you. And working night shift...I've always blamed my dark circles from lack of sleep & I've tried all kinds of products to even it out but nothing seems to work. I'm definitely going to use this tip & the video was just enough detail to make it simple for me to follow lol. Thanks soooo much :)
I need to try this. She's right. I'm what people would consider 'ethnic' too and I have really genetically dark circles around my eyes. It's the worst!
ChelseaHeyes what color would u use for a lighter skin tone?
@marshalledgar You're right I guess I'm really aging to miss that. Either way, she's talented.
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