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Wedded matrimony is what, days away?! Don't panic! Everything's going to be just fine. What you need to do the week-of-the-wedding is to focus on you. Hopefully no more last-minute stuff. Whatever these days look like, go about it in easy comfort style!
For starters, get your accessories on and dress from there. This Pink Haze necklace from is a no-brainer at $27.00
Next, the dress. What's better and more comfortable than a short tunic style dress? Simple. Effortless. Chic. The Hanky Dress is by Hussein Chalayan from Although it's been discontinued, it can be found through other retailers. Otherwise, check out Forever 21 and H&M for similar frocks.
Motives Cosmetics has really become popular among makeup artists because the colors are true, the products are long-lasting and easy on the wallet, which are more than enough reasons to plunk $16 for a pink lipstick like "Icon" and "Inevitable."
Keeping your outfit on the cheap-and-cheerful side will give you all the ammunition needed to splurge on your heels! Bagdley Mischka's Pink Randee heels. Cheaper than your Stella McCartney sunglasses, the petal slingbacks are on sale through for $179.99.
As an investment to the future, don't skimp on makeup tools. What's the sense in spending money on cosmetics if your application tools are no good? Bamboo brushes like this set from Zoeva are German-made and available only by import through or on sites like Ebay. The cost for either the eye brush set or the standard brush set is the same at 57 Euros.
the dress and the shoes. <3 <3 <3 i need better brushes too.
Those sandals are so adorable1
each of those necklaces are pretty. i like them all.
I need that bamboo brush set in my makeup collection.
It's probably the most valuable advice on this card--INVEST in good quality makeup brushes and applicators. Can't stress it enough. lol @stargaze