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Growing up my grandmother would always be supplied on spearmint in her garden . Its extremly beneficial for many purposes ..... 1) Stomach- spearmint tea is great for tummy aches , nausea, detox, and constipation . Can be prepared in tea or throw some leaves in your daily water with lemon if desired. 2) flu- love drinking this tea when i get a cold or flu. The menthol helps me breathe easier and helps my cough . 3) weight loss- this tea can help yoi detox, losing extra weight. 4) Relaxation- I especially enjoy drnking this tea before bed to relax myself since it does release stress.
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just boil water with about 6 -8 leaves per cup of water. once boiled just pour the water and throw away leaves for Tea. You can even sweeten it if desired (:
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Where can I buy the seeds or ?
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organic seeds are usually good from the "etsy" app
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it also helps clear a clogged nose.
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