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For me, the most important tip of looking good in a picture is choosing the right hairstyle to show your profile. If you have a small face a wild and volumes hair will create an illusion of your hair eating your face. Even if you have the most perfect makeup on, a string of hair can ruin your picture. Here's how to avoid hair disaster for a photoshoot.
To show off your side profile a front braid with low bun will illuminate your feature.
For square and angular face you can manipulate a side swept hairstyle to tiny braids on the side to soften your harsh feature. Plus it's ultra romantic!
If you have a round or heart-shape face play with your hair texture! Scrunch your hair into a bun at night and take it off in the morning for a loose waves.
If you have an oval face you'll look good in any hairstyle but for formal event or party tie it up in bun. In addition, add a double hair band to really show off your nice forehead.
If you're attending an even where people will snap random pictures (aka candid moments). you want to look good in all angles (including the back). Try a loose top knot for the effortless look.
Do you agree hairstyle makes a difference to how you come out in pictures?
Julianne Hough looks great! I like these. When disaster strikes in the hair department for a wedding, these are exceptional 5-minute back up hair musts
I love playing with my hair textures, especially during hot weather when I don't want to have to use stylist tools. It's much easier to scrunch some mousse it and let it all air dry. You could even throw some velcro curlers in for more defined pieces.
My go-to is always a headband. It takes the attention away from my nasty hair.
I have a small face and you nailed my problem. My hair looks like a lion's mane if I curl my hair. Which is why I avoid having my hair down on special occasions.
The braided bun hairstyle never fail to look great in photos.
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