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I was looking for something classy but not too fancy to wear for my Easter date with my mom and boyfriend ! (It was their first time hanging together it went well) I found this skirt on Nordstrom Rack and instantly fell in love. I can't tell you how many compliments I got on it ☺️ you can pair it with a camisole and give it a more dressy look. I plan to wear this skirt with a long sleeve gray crop top. Chic ! I haven't decided on the shoes yet but I'll keep you posted. Farewell friends Don't forget to follow me! Can you please complete this survey for a class I take guys I really appreciate it ! Link:
Cute skirt! Very modest and elegant.
The shoes are perfection
Your boyfriend is very stylish and I love your outfit. :) Btw, you should rearrange the order of your photos and make your full outfit the featured image. I originally thought this post is just a screenshot of comments.
Where did you get those shoes! I absolutely love them!♡