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I'm one of those people that hates carrying a purse or bag at any time, but especially at conventions! Who wants to have to keep putting their bag down and picking it up every time they get a photo taken?! Not me!!! But, it's usually a necessity so I just deal with it.
Now, though, I think I might just use one of these. Introducing the warrior pack purse!!!! I love this because you can wear it SO many different ways that there's definitely a way for you to wear it that won't really interfere with your cosplay, or, it'll be really easy to take off! Not only that, but with the right cosplay (can you say steampunk versions of like, anything?) it would look great!!
By adjusting the simple strap system, the Warrior Pack can be changed to a purse, thigh holster, shoulder holster, protected purse, handbag, backpack, fanny pack, or messenger bag!

Scroll through these images to see some more ways to wear this awesome pack!!

Male version? no? no? :D @somnia
I feel like I'd have a hard time changing this up in all different directions and what not
@amog32 I think you could just do this one, as long as the straps are the right length for you!! @timeturnerjones Yeah its' like those "tie a million ways" they really work that way?