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Stop everything. The most beautiful mashup that ever existed ever has been created and I can't stop freaking out about it!!!
Hans Solo and Slave Elsa are here to combine Star Wars with Frozen and it's fantastically weird.
Slave Leia is already such a big deal in the cosplayer world (for obvious reasons) and a lot of girls, even if they want to do it, probably stay away from it for fear of being labeled as an attention seeker. But, by changing it up and doing a Slave Elsa version, things really have changed!! I love this!!! It's really creative, even if its not my favorite cosplay as far as design.
Elsa Cosplayer: Ashlynne Dae
And adding in a Hans Solo Skywalker is just too great. Bravo!!
Hans Solo Cosplayer: Eberle Cosplay
Photography: Estrada Photography
How do I find out about Cos Play events in Los Angeles? I have never been to one and these cards are just so cool to see what people create. I would love to go just to see everyone. Thanks! @somnia
The characters people cross and come up with sometimes blow my mind away.
Holy shit. I'd be lying if I said I didn't find this awesome. You have my applause. Tell me there's more.
Can't say I support the Hans/Elsa love but for the sake of the name puns I'll let it go!
@timeturnerjones Yeah no I'm so far against any ship that involves Hans dont worry lol