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Amezaiku are Japanese traditional sugar sculpture. They are entirely made of sugar and sugar derivates. Completely edible, these wonderful candies are like real pieces of art.
A Japanese Amezaiku craftsmen making a sugar sculpture They are heated at 80 degrees and shapened through a very accurate process (everything is handmade). It seemes that they came initially from Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, but today only a few people can use this particular technique.
This is so awesome. When I was in school, we had a really popular culinary arts program, and when they learned how to make sugar sculptures, you could go to the school restaurant and see them yourself. It was so cool to see things like this. It almost looks like glass, right?
What school did you go to that offered classes in sugar and had a restaurant? I went to a magnet high school, which was pretty cool, but didn't have what you had! lol
stunning pin cushion protea!
It looks so amazing I wouldn't want to eat it haha!