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Festive Hair Pieces Beyond Floral Adornments
Stand out from the crowd this music festival by avoiding the stereotypical hairstyle - floral on your tresses. Instead try accessorizing your hair with new cool pieces like an ear cuff hair chain (pictured above) for an edgy boho-chic look.
If the ear cuff hair chain is too funky for you a beaded head crown can immediately give your low maintenance hair some personality.
Headpiece: (1) (2)
Otherwise, you can completely stand out with a medieval-inspired hairpiece with details such as coin and stone charms.
Headpiece: (1) (2)
Finally, for the minimalist, a quirky bobby pin or barrette will do the hair talk for you.
Headpiece: (1) (2)
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@Nikki1579 $30 for 3 bobby pins? That's extremely expensive, but I might consider buying the headpiece. Which in my opinion is more worth the price.
2 years ago·Reply
@alohaJPark they r adorable but to me not worth 3 pieces of metal or copper lol...wait till they have sales u can sometimes get FP items for a steal! always check the sales u will b addicted to there stuff lol
2 years ago·Reply
@Nikki1579 So, I took your advice and browse through the sale section. You're right. I'm addicted. I purchase 3 items. lol
2 years ago·Reply
@AlohaJPark lmao that's too funny, hey don't say I didn't warn you they have so many things and i swear EVERY MONTH they have an entire new collection of everything. its crazy haha .... would love to see what you got? Anything on this page or ither item's? ;-)
2 years ago·Reply