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So I saw a tutorial of someone doing this and I decided to try it. unfortunately my first go didn't end up like expected. My natural hair is very wavy but thick and its healthy but I have been trying to avoid unnecessary heat to avoid any damage. So, in this cold weather I have not been washing my hair in my morning before work because it would not dry in time naturally, and i don't want to blow dry it. But at night, after washing it, it would air dry and be beautiful and 99% dry. But after going to sleep like tgst id wake up with gross matted down hair with no shape or body. The first time i tried tge t shirt method, it gave me a little body but yhe "curls" in the back wete very kinky because my hair is very long and thick. So i used two t shirts and bound them like a figure 8, and this was the result. I love it. If anyone would like to see a step by step leave a comment and ill get right on it :)
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@hyaCinthus thank you!
Great trick!
Absolutely beautiful! I would love to learn how
@HMB21757 Thank you, I'm uploading the step by step now :)
you're welcome :)