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well as they say too that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... =) @callie... girl, we belong in this card... hahahhaha
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someone tell that to my grandmum..she's after my life to shed weight!
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hahaahah.... but in truth it is ideal to have a normal weight but if you really can't shed your weight then this is the on solution.. accept and love yourself... =)
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i love myself..most!
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OMG, hhahahahahahahahah!!!!!!! where was i??? how did i miss this???? im just seeing it now......i love it!!! yes, sis i need to learn how to accept and love myself.....aawww, your so sweet to include me, hahhaha!!!!!
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@callie dear... this was over a month ago and your only seeing this now...hahaha... well it's better late than never.. and i need to learn to accept and love myself too.. i keep on gaining weight..huhuhu
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