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Seriously GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I've been calmly anticipating this......and now they gonn' tease me ^(_°_)^.....Im pretty sure I rolled off my chair and slid under the couch before I hit replay a few times....
Uuugghh they're all looking so fine....and in true Block B fashion, the video looks and sounds to be like a party but not a regular party....a party with a crew in hockey masks armed with bats and geishas and strippers or possibly stripper-geishas or vice versa?? And if thats not enough.... some lady in just her underwurrrs and fishnets who just happens to be part-time butcher or might just be handy with a cleaver....ruins, ash falling from the sky, and fiiyahh...dancing and bad-assery...sounds like a good time to me! And now......
we wait.....
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also LOL at your reaction gifs hahahah spot on