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found this laying against a tree in the forest lol gonna throw some grip, old trucks and slide wheels on it n gonna try freeriding on it, but first things first. New graphics and fixing the cracks
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Dude, make it your tech sliding setup!!! Go Sergio yuppie on its ass! And I'm buying a Jon Dickson deathwish pro skateboard today, so fuckin hyped!
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haha that's what I'm doing! and sick!!
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shred sled hiding in the forest hmmm sounds like a Disney movie maybe it's magical... course it might make you break into song!
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That webbing strap makes me wonder if it was once a mtnboard, World Industries made mtnboards with "bindings" that looked similar
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pretty sure it was just moded to be kinda like a sled @ThtYoungElwoodJ it was found by a sledding hill, there's a bunch of random crap over there haha
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