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1. pillow fun!!! if you have plain boring pillows this diy is fit for you first get washable markers or permanent. then get the pillow and draw or write whatever you like. 2. my favorite!!! this one is a money saver you don't need to buy the keys color so why not paint with nail Polish you can also use dotting tools to make designs on them. 3. this diy is if you live in a house with lots of sisters and you cant tell your brush apart all you have to do is get glitter glue and lots of rhinestones and write your name with a pen or marker then trace your name with glitter glue and the rhinestones 4..paper flowers this diy is really first you get lots of tissue paper as many as you like(the more paper you have the more petals there be) you fold the paper like if you were making a paper fan then tie the middle with thread then stretch each side make sure it looks like a bow then separate each paper on each side until it looks like a flower.
@DaniaChicago actually the pictures are there :-)
@ScarlettPena09 I only see the pillow picture. Do you have images that match the other ideas you shared? I'd love to see those.
@stargaze sorry i was rushing to finish thats why it was off but im glad you liked it
Great DIYs! Thanks for sharing. Just a friendly suggestion the text is a bit off so it's a little hard to read it. Other than that nice card. :)
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