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He is a man of integrity, who shows inner world without pretense. This book is invaluable in that he has explained the pathway of Devotional Non-duality exactly. Most of us ran into the world of duality by eating the fruits of the Tree of Good & Evil, though nearby the Tree of Life. I think this is the common karma of the mankind. The writer also went through the experiences of the shocking middle school and going to drug rehab. However, like many alcoholics he is a spiritually advanced man. By virtue of 30-years prayers and by reading self-help books and Zukab's & Hawkins' writings he practiced letting go mechanism and serious introspection, especially by journaling, which also is really helpful to me. The discovery of the virtue of gratitude, surrender, especially letting go of control is very important to the path of non-duality. In summary, the book is relatively short, yet full of insights and very practical. So I'd like to recommend to whoever intend to go up to high level of consciousness.
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Interesting! Not something I'd typically read,but if I'm in the right mood, maybe... :)