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My dog actually jumped and hid under the sofa after my shriek of happiness from hearing this news.
My mom and I used to go to IKEA all the time when I was little (there was a time when the bookshelves in our house were almost exclusively from IKEA) and we'd make a whole day of it! We'd drive downtown, do our shopping, and then get those amazing Swedish meatballs with cranberry sauce on the side. I have so many good memories attached to that cafeteria.
Now, obviously as a vegan I haven't had these meatballs in a long time, but now I can.
They're made of chickpeas, carrots, kale, and corn; and you can buy 10 for $4.49!
I'm not sure that they've been rolled out in all stores, but keep your eye out!
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I was just at the Downers Grove IKEA a couple weeks ago. Didn't see any signs or mention about this. Such a cool menu addition.
My vegan neighbors are going to flip out over this!
HA! My puppy has to deal with that now that its baseball season again. Lots of random shouting in our house :) But hooray for 'meat'balls!
I need to taste test!!! For science. ;)
@danidee sounds like field trip time! If I find any I will definitely try it out too!