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I found this handy list on Popsugar of all of the Vegan offerings you can find at Disneyland (note - not sure if this holds true for Disney World!) for anyone heading there for spring break or summer holidays!
You can see the whole list here, but I included some of the treats that I know taste good :)
Other than these, we just get to use our super vegan skills of packing snacks to munch on all day.

At Disneyland Park

Plaza Inn on Main Street, USA: Vegan Mini Mickey Waffles; Golden Hash Browns
Carnation Cafe on Main Street, USA: Chef's Vegan Burger; House Salad
Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street, USA: All of its recipes can be made using Rice Dream or Tofutti
Jolly Holiday Bakery & Cafe on Main Street, USA: Grilled Vegetable & Whole Grain Salad; Jolly Holiday Salad (no cheese); espresso drinks (this is the only place in Disneyland Park that offers soy milk)
French Market in New Orleans Square: "N'awlins" Salad (hold the caramelized pecans); Vegetable Jambalaya
Blue Bayou Restaurant in New Orleans Square: Portobello Mushroom and Couscous Macque Choux
Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante in Frontierland: All vegetarian items can be made vegan except enchiladas
Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café in Tomorrowland: Vegetable Sandwich; Vegetable Burger (ask to have fries cooked in the fryer for french fries only; there is a second fryer that cooks french fries with chicken tenders)

At Disney California Adventure Park

Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta on Paradise Pier: Boardwalk Field Greens (hold the caramelized pecans and blue cheese)
Paradise Garden Grill on Paradise Pier: Mediterranean Skewers With Vegetables and Tofu With Moroccan Chili or Chimichurri Sauce
Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe on Buena Vista Street: This is essentially a Starbucks, and any drinks can be made using soy milk
Lucky Fortune Cookie on the Pacific Wharf: Asian Rice Bowl With Tofu With Mandarin Orange, Spicy Korean, or Teriyaki Sauce (available with white or brown rice)

Downtown Disney District

La Brea Bakery Cafe: Steel-Cut Irish Oatmeal (made with almond milk)
Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria: Arugula Salad (hold the parmesan); Steamed Green Beans; Sautéed Spinach; Sautéed Broccoli; Roasted Potatoes
Rainforest Cafe: Calypso Salad (hold the goat cheese and caramelized pecans); Portabella Wrap
Tortilla Jo's: Tableside Guacamole; House Salad; Veggie Burrito; Garden Enchiladas (hold the cheese)
Great resource @asparagus! Thanks for sharing.
I actually did this when my sister and I were visiting Disneyworld a few years ago. There's actually a lot of vegan (AND gluten free/peanut free/etc) options at the Disney parks. They do a really good job at accommodating the different diets of their patrons.
That's soo coool
These all look like probably the healthiest options in the park too, even if you aren't vegan!
There's only one place that offers soy milk? No way!