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I found this handy list on Popsugar of all of the Vegan offerings you can find at Disneyland (note - not sure if this holds true for Disney World!) for anyone heading there for spring break or summer holidays!
You can see the whole list here, but I included some of the treats that I know taste good :)
Other than these, we just get to use our super vegan skills of packing snacks to munch on all day.

At Disneyland Park

Plaza Inn on Main Street, USA: Vegan Mini Mickey Waffles; Golden Hash Browns
Carnation Cafe on Main Street, USA: Chef's Vegan Burger; House Salad
Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street, USA: All of its recipes can be made using Rice Dream or Tofutti
Jolly Holiday Bakery & Cafe on Main Street, USA: Grilled Vegetable & Whole Grain Salad; Jolly Holiday Salad (no cheese); espresso drinks (this is the only place in Disneyland Park that offers soy milk)
French Market in New Orleans Square: "N'awlins" Salad (hold the caramelized pecans); Vegetable Jambalaya
Blue Bayou Restaurant in New Orleans Square: Portobello Mushroom and Couscous Macque Choux
Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante in Frontierland: All vegetarian items can be made vegan except enchiladas
Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café in Tomorrowland: Vegetable Sandwich; Vegetable Burger (ask to have fries cooked in the fryer for french fries only; there is a second fryer that cooks french fries with chicken tenders)

At Disney California Adventure Park

Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta on Paradise Pier: Boardwalk Field Greens (hold the caramelized pecans and blue cheese)
Paradise Garden Grill on Paradise Pier: Mediterranean Skewers With Vegetables and Tofu With Moroccan Chili or Chimichurri Sauce
Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe on Buena Vista Street: This is essentially a Starbucks, and any drinks can be made using soy milk
Lucky Fortune Cookie on the Pacific Wharf: Asian Rice Bowl With Tofu With Mandarin Orange, Spicy Korean, or Teriyaki Sauce (available with white or brown rice)

Downtown Disney District

La Brea Bakery Cafe: Steel-Cut Irish Oatmeal (made with almond milk)
Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria: Arugula Salad (hold the parmesan); Steamed Green Beans; Sautéed Spinach; Sautéed Broccoli; Roasted Potatoes
Rainforest Cafe: Calypso Salad (hold the goat cheese and caramelized pecans); Portabella Wrap
Tortilla Jo's: Tableside Guacamole; House Salad; Veggie Burrito; Garden Enchiladas (hold the cheese)
There's only one place that offers soy milk? No way!
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These all look like probably the healthiest options in the park too, even if you aren't vegan!
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That's soo coool
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I actually did this when my sister and I were visiting Disneyworld a few years ago. There's actually a lot of vegan (AND gluten free/peanut free/etc) options at the Disney parks. They do a really good job at accommodating the different diets of their patrons.
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Great resource @asparagus! Thanks for sharing.
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