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I am a quinoa addict, but I rarely have time during the week to make it fresh. There are plenty of pre-made frozen grain packets you can find in the grocery store, but those get expensive and you don't have as much freedom to make all the grains that you want.
Here's a quick and easy way to freeze your own grains ahead of time and not have to worry about making anything during your week!
Cook them plain, in broth, or flavored with fresh herbs; go wild! Once they're cooked, allow them to cool completely. Measure them out in half-cup, one-cup, or two-cup servings, label the bags, and freeze them flat to save room (and to help them cook faster).
When you're ready to eat your grains, remove the bag or glass container from the freezer. Pour the contents into a bowl to microwave, or reheat in a small pot on the stove top. Or add your grains to hot pots of soup or to sauté pans when cooking meals. Or place the frozen bag of grains in your lunchbox before heading out the door, and it not only serves as an ice pack, but your grains will also be thawed by lunchtime.
For reference, here are the calorie counts of half-cup servings of cooked grains:
Trying this out this weekend!
I had no idea you could even do this! I always end up with so much leftover rice when I'm cooking for myself.
This is great! I can make grains on Sunday and have no excuses not to eat them during the week. Thanks!
I've done this before, and you can even freeze veggies in there as well. Cut up some red pepper and add it to your rice and then stir fry it up when you're ready!
More and more I'm starting to get into planning meals further in advance so this is an awesome tip!
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