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Here it is: Disney Princesses in the "Slave Leia" form from Star Wars. I didn't think this was something I'd ever need to see, but now that it exists I'm pretty stoked about it!
This Slave Else is the same one I posted with her Hans Solo, but now she has two friends: Rapunzel and Ariel! I can't stop laughing at how cutely hilarious Rapunzels giant buns are. I mean, she does have a lot of hair!! Their cosplays all came from this seller, if you want your own!
Elsa Cosplayer: Ashlynne Dae
Rapunzel Cosplayer: Ivanna Cosplay
Ariel Cosplayer: Maid of Might
Photographer: York in a Box
Amazing Elsa Shot by Saffels Photography!
Photographer: Manny Llanura
Cosplayer: Ivana Cosplay
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@timeturnerjones @amog32 @marshalledgar Crossover cosplay is getting so, SO popular, but I'm glad it's being done like...crossover themes (i.e. putting one character into another universe) rather than mixing characters because that just gets confusing? This one I'm OK with though.
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Why's it getting so popular do you think @somnia? I'd like to go to a cosplay event--not to dress up--just so I can admire the creativity. So cool.
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@marshalledgar Can't really say; Star Wars is coming back + Disney has always been popular. There' usually new fan art and thus cosplays that mimic the fan art every year.
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Slave Leia look is an icon
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@janekhon She really is!!! I know so many people who dream of doing her "once they have the body" as they say lol.
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