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EXO Next Door Official Trailer!
Must watch EXOtics! @jiggzy19
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@jiggzy19 @harmonico They might be out, but not on YouTube or Viki.. They're on an app called Dramot+ though, which is where I watch all my kdramas, and they have subtitles too. But I'm not sure anymore lmao..
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Really? Okay let me check them . haha .
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@kimikodragon Is there other sites to watch for kdramas?
3 years ago·Reply
@harmonico I don't know of many sites sorry ^^" I only know kshow.com, but other than that I only use apps like Viki & Dramot+ ^^" sorry I'm no help
3 years ago·Reply
@kimikodragon It's fine . haha .
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