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You know what's undeniably cool? When tech + cosplay come together to make something that literally feels like it walked straight out of a movie.
Like this TARS cosplay from the hit movie Interstellar. TARS was one of my favorite characters in Interstellar, but I never thought I'd see a cosplay (maybe a robot) version of him at a con. But here you have it: this guy created a TARSplay that he can "walk" around with, complete with screens and a camera so he can see everything. There's no doubt that some of the coolest cosplays we can find are those created by cool carpentry and nice technical work.
Daily Dot mentioned how similar this was to how the real TARS robot worked for filming the movie:
The interesting part is that Heath’s cosplay is not very different from how the real TARS and CASE robots were made for the movie. Interstellar relied on a surprising amount of practical effects, and behind-the-scenes videos actually show people “walking” the TARS model in a manner reminiscent of this cosplay replica.
A glimpse at how he created this beast:
"The replica uses two iPads as computer readouts, and features a camera/monitor system to allow me to see in front of it. It also has an audio system, allowing me to talk to people or play sound effects. Everyone seemed enthralled by the thing, and we got a lot of love from the convention-goers. It was a great experience and I hope to lug TARS to other conventions over the course of 2015.
I haven't even seen Interstellar yet and this TARS costume STILL has me excited.
@timeturnerjones I feel like those have gotta exist already. I'll look.
I love it!!!! I want a little robot one to keep at home~
@Spudsy2061 I know! I can't get over how cool it is. I want one to play with at home, too.
That is incredible. My mind was blown.