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Recently planted spearmint in a tuna can and am pleased to say its growing beautifully and even has a baby sprout! Its a great way to reuse cans and save on flower pots. Just make sure to make a drainage hole in the bottom of the cans (no bigger than the size of a dime) and YOU'RE SET! CREATIVE, ECONOMIC, AND ENVIROMENTAL!!!
That's the beauty of gardening. You can reuse any items and make it usable for something better. Great post!
I am all about upcycling. Thank you for sharing @Stephosorio
thank you all!!
Wow, spearmint! What do you use it for? Tea?
@beywatch yes tea! or you can use a couple of leaves for your daily water with lemon for detox. spearmint helps with ; nausea, stomach pain,relaxation, cough, constipation, and so much more