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How to Color Your Eyebrows!

When you want to change your eyebrows to a crazy color (to match your new hair color temporarily, to match your costume or cosplay, or whatever!) it's not actually that hard!
You just need:
- a waxy or grease white lipliner, eyeshadow or similar product
- bright, bright matte powder eyeshadow!
1. Brush your eyebrows.
2. Add the white and layer it until the natural darkness of the eyebrows is neutralized.
3. Brush in the eyeshadow!
If I had know this was this easy, I would never,ever have gone to a con with my purple wig and brown eyebrows. *Shudders* Never again!!!!
And if that way doesn't work for you, here are FOUR MORE ways to cover your eyebrows natural color for something more intense!! You should be able to find one that fits what you need, and what products you already have at home!
we absolutely love and appreciate this :-) we have fun with temp tattoos and makeup and hair colors for dress up. the best part is the temp lol cause it means we can do different things and it all washes off.
That color is INTENSE!
Wow, I'm sort of loving that it's temporary. Permanently dying hair that's so close to your eyeball can be a little dangerous!
Still looks a little unnatural, but I think that's the color, not the coverage.
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