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Mother's Day is on its way! This could be the perfect diy gift to your mom and grandmother.
In collaboration with Kelly Braman Photography, Rhiannon Bosse, of Hey Gorgeous Events, put together this really easy diy sugar scrub that I love. With just four ingredients, this is going to be impossible to mess up! lol


Glass containers
Wooden spoon


2 1/2 Cups raw sugar
3/4 Cup white granulated sugar
4-5 Tablespoons of your choice of extract (vanilla, orange, coconut, etc.)
1/4 Cup almond oil


1. Combine sugars in a large bowl.
2. Gradually stir in oil and extract until a scrub consistency is achieved.
3. Scoop scrub into your glass containers
This makes for a perfect gift! Simply cut some ribbon and tie around the lid. You can print your own labels and apply them to the jar itself or the lid top. Up to you. Have fun and get creative with it.
What other Mother's Day diy projects would you like to see? Please leave a comment below. Thanks!
Kelly Braman takes great photos! Easy diy too. keep em coming! @daniachicago
i think i have all of these in my kitchen cabinet. i need to check. if I do, then I;m making this
My friend made me a sugar scrub for Christmas! She added some orange zest to hers and a few extra drops of orange essential oil to give it a nice uplifting fragrance.
can I use coconut oil instead? im allergic to almond