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Epik High U.S Tour Dates
And for the 2nd time this year I wont be able to see Epik High :''''''''''( May & June are the worst months for me to have fun (Busy v.v)
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@jroffan that's just a REALLY tough decision!
3 years agoReply
@jiggzy19 I know!!! 馃槴
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Well I guess my dilemma is solved. I just remembered that tickets went on sale at 12 ( yes I know..I was busy at work :( ) ...and VIP meet and greet and VIP are sold out for Dallas. So BTS it is. Even though I would still love to see Epik High.
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@jroffan they sold out already!?!?!
3 years agoReply
Not the general admission. Which is $80. But the others did.
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