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Soooo....EXO decided to come back when I had one foot out the doorway leading to the afterlife....Im being dramatic but I honestly was quite ill. Even though it honestly pained me to fangirl....I did...vigorously. Im partial to the chinese version myself. I think it flows better but I think its more personal preference. But this comeback.....this COMEBACK....omgawwwddd....tighter pants...see through tops....a lot of great hair....general rudeness, lip biting, and hip thrusts that my body was so not ready for....
Kai....quiddit...just quiddit...
Xiumin was doin' his thang front and freakin center!! I love that!
And my bae....suh-layinggggg. He's always killed it like this but now britches better recognize...lol
and the slayage continues.....
Chen!! That hair doe....he's growing on me. #toomanybiases
And Yeollie.....^(_._)^ In conclusion, this comeback is gonna be the death of me.....
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I'm glad you aren't sick anymore but I am so sorry you had to go through this while you were ill hahahahah that must have been the WORST. I was a screaming wheezing mess after this damn comeback >:(
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Butttt Call Me Baby will nurse you back to health ((; Wonderful gif selection btw XD
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@aabxo lol of course....bae has been the sweetest medicine and ty they're swoonworthy _(_^_)_> @kpopandkimchi ugggh I knowww....I couldn't tell if the fever was from the infection or the MV.... I just know I needed a doctor lol.
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