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I'm so, so sorry if this picture is misleading but this isn't a 'drop 5 pounds eating only ice cream' diet. In fact, this isn't really about a diet at all (the modern use of the term)
This is about a lifestyle change, a slight one, an easy one.
Eat enough to get you through the day. Make smart choices about what your body needs, and then make smarter choices about what your body wants.
For example:
- Switch the breads and tiny protein bars that you eat in the morning for scrambled eggs and veggies ---> you'll feel fuller, more energized, and generally healthier.
- Start splitting desserts ---> you can still have that creme brulee, just slightly less of it.

It's all about portion and quality control.

Save your mochas and creamy drinks for the weekend, go for black coffee or plain teas during the week. Added sugars and milk can make you sluggish and will get you craving sweet stuff all day! Waiting for the weekend, or your Friday coffee break will get you looking forward to the drink as a treat and makes you look at it as it is, a dessert.
As for alcohol, cut back as much as you can, and just make sure you aren't drinking a ton in one night. Sure, have a glass of wine with dinner on a Tuesday but don't kill a six pack by yourself on Saturday.
Protein time! It really is the most important meal of the day if you want to set yourself off on the right foot. You need to give yourself the energy to get through the day and enough nutrients to get yourself in a mindset to make healthy choices all day.
Protein bars don't work. Don't think that grabbing one special K protein bar or a power bar is going to get you through the morning rush all the way to lunch. Eat a full meal, it's worth it.
Lunches and Dinners
You know what is good and bad for you. Try to make the healthiest decisions you can while still making yourself happy. You also don't need to finish your food. If you want a burger and fries, that's awesome, just share your fries with your friends.
Go as colorful as you can, stop eating beige foods!
You are allowed to indulge. Just be smart! Share a big dessert, switch from ice cream to froyo, get fruit toppings instead of snickers bars. Plus you don't need dessert everyday (although that would be nice~)
Try to make the healthiest choices, but remember that a little sweet tooth isn't a bad thing ;)
This reminds me of @MarleneVarona's card about portion control! Great info here too!
"portion and quality control" is the best diet to focus on!
Never give up desserts! That's my number one diet rule!
Yeah I guess it really is just thinking before you eat. Makes sense!
I love what you said about desserts! Though I'm not very good at sharing ;)