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This is my first post so hopefully I can get my message across.
How did this bride get her hair to sit high but pulled back? She also has an interesting braid with a beautiful bun(?) in the back.
I really want to try this but I am not a hair pro. Maybe some hair pros on here can give advice or point me to a how-to so I can do this.
Thank you for your kind help,
they probably teased the hair and smooth combed it back to look more polished. there are also pieces yoy can buy to help add the volume without ratting the hair. hope this helps a little
I think they used a twisting technique to depict the braid and rolled into a bun.
@CassZ139 You're right! That top part definitely looks teased.
I agree! Her hair looks effortless, but I can never get my hair in a tight braid(?) like that.
what style of braid is that? @hairconfetti @heartofhold35
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