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This was a question I received in my inbox from a Vingler. So here are my honest thoughts.
I don't think coffee is the culprit to acne and bad complexion but I can understand why most people (including dermatologist) thinks coffee is related to breakouts.
What's in a cup of coffee?
High doses of acidic caffeine
Of course, depending on the type of drink you order sometimes sugar and diary is not present. So, what is the reasoning behind coffee and bad skin?
Coffee is highly acidic and the high doses of caffeine can mess with your stress hormones (which control your skin's oil production). In addition, caffeine is known to act as a diuretic, which dehydrates your skin if you consume too much. We all know dehydration can leave your skin dry and dull-looking.
Personally, I know people who drink coffee on a daily basis and they have skin that are close to flawless. I think staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet, and moisturizing your skin is the key to clear complexion.
How to prevent breakouts from drinking coffee:
- Try avoiding diary (I know some people breakout from milk)
- Go easy on sugar and syrup
- Hydrate yourself with water after drinking a cup of coffee
- Don't consume more than one cup of coffee per day
What are your thoughts coffee drinkers?
@christy You eat an apple with your coffee? That sounds a little rough on your stomach! I usually drink my coffee with some sort of bread because my stomach's really sensitive to caffeine.
I like coffee but because of my balance diet to keep my right Wight I drink only 2 cups per day. but I have a healthy good skin. but I think need to take care. but I have habit I don't know it's right or not eat apple with my morning coffee
Pretty sure the benefits outweigh the negatives for coffee. It's good for your heart after all!
I actually drink my coffee with soup. Maybe because my coffee of choice is latte. I can't do Americano. It's too bitter for my taste.
@cindystran Oddly enough I have GERD too but have managed, usually by making weaker coffee.
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