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This is so cool!! This girl, Moriah, was a costume designer and loved Peter Pan!! She ended up meeting Chris while he was playing Peter Pan (what a crazy world) and they fell in love. So, when it came time to propose, Chris decided to do something special...
All I can say is if my fave guy dressed up as my fave prince and proposed, I'd be a pretty happy girl!!

Which prince or Disney dude do you want to propose to you?

Disney Proposals Collection!

After watching dozens of Disney themed proposals, or proposals that took place at Disney, I've decided to make a collection of these videos!! So, if you loveeeeee Disney and you love proposals just like me, click here to visit & follow the collection!!
OMG So sweet! She didn't even look at the ring! She just collapsed, said yes...kisses and not once looked at the ring.
@DaniaChicago Her prize was the guy first, ring second I guess!!! So cute :)
I'm personally still in awe of the whole Peter Pan coincidence.
@beywatch Right?! Like, man does your life have to be lucky for that to work out!