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"'re totally in love!"

Totally righteous!!!! I know I'd be downright STOKED if Crush was the one orchestrating my engagement. The important part here is, of course, that she says yes, but I'm still just pretty impressed at how cute this was overall!
I always wonder how people manage to get the park's attractions to work with them to do these engagements. Like, how long do they have to prepare in advance? Or is it just kind of like walk up and say "hey, I wanna get married today!" Either way, props to the park for helping with these requests!!

Disney Proposals Collection!

After watching dozens of Disney themed proposals, or proposals that took place at Disney, I've decided to make a collection of these videos!! So, if you loveeeeee Disney and you love proposals just like me, click here to visit & follow the collection!!
@marshalledgar I don't think it's a guy/girl thing I think it's just a personality thing! Some people are into big displays of romance, some arent'! Youv'e just gotta judge your partner.
@marshalledgar It's very cool of them to help out! @fallingwater It'd be like, totally righteous ;)
True @onesmile. it's still a sweet idea.
I wonder, however... I'm sure it depends on the girl and situation, but are girls generally OKAY with being being proposed to in such public settings? And not just this, but others that I'm sure we've all seen like the ones all over Youtube?
This is so cute!!! :) Crush helping a guy propose to me would be so great.
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