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Mother's Day DIY Projects
Just because Mother's Day isn't this or next weekend is no reason to procrastinate. Taken from the Vinglers our current DIY Community, I wanted to share with you some popular diy projects that you can adapt to Mother's Day this year. Clip these to your collections because you will need these if you forget to do something for Mom.
Don't forget! <3

1. Gold Leaf Pots

Added by @Alise
You can get the full tutorial from her card by clicking here.

2. Pink Coconut Salt Scrub

Added by @Galinda
Treat mom with this luxe scrub by clicking here.

3. Gold Heart Mug

Added by @Mikayla
Follow this easy peasy diy to create this awesome heartfelt gift for mom. Click here.

4. Color Block Candles

Added by @Alise
I love the colors and fragrances of candles. Mom will too! Click here for details.

5. Succulent Wreath

Added by @TheGreenThumb
How about a year-round living gift of succulents on a wreath. Click here for more.

6. Organize Mom's Closet

Added by @CindyStran
Help mom get organized. It's Spring Cleaning time anyhow. Click here.
What other fun diy projects are you eager to learn and try out for Mother's Day? Maybe you have a few cool ideas. Please share!
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Oh, you're very welcome! It's because of contributors like you that there even is a compilation, so I am thrilled! <3 <3 <3
3 years ago·Reply
I like how these are all pulled from the community. Great idea @darcysdiary
3 years ago·Reply
My mom would appreciate an organized closet. That's actually our weekend chore. lol
3 years ago·Reply
How do closets get jacked up to begin with? I don't even want to look inside mine.
3 years ago·Reply
I've always wanted to try candles. I like this fun idea.
3 years ago·Reply