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Nikon D4s Test No. 2
Test number 2 was fun - I decided to test the auto-focus system on my always difficult and usually uncooperative kids. When they see me with a camera - especially if I crouch to get at their height - they come running. They make getting shots very difficult. That being said - the Nikon D4s is touted as the "sports and journalism" ultimate camera system. With an impressive 11fps - an intuitive and lighting fast auto-focus motor and sensors - and the incredible dual-card buffer system (no lag or waiting for images to write to card anymore) - I figured it would be a good test. Plus the camera and this large lens are quite heavy - so I also figured it'd be a good test of what shooting in a concert or live event environment would feel like.
I have NO complaints. I changed the auto ISO settings to a stupid 25,600 - exactly 4 times the ISO range my Canon 5D has. The images - while grainy - with the high-ISO noise filter on - they can actually be played with in camera RAW to bring the noise into an acceptable range without loosing detail. What I think I am most impressed with is the latitude of this camera. I know my Canon 5D like the back of my hand. I know where an image will blow out or loose detail in the murky depths of a shadow. This camera - eh... no problemo. It just chews the shot up and grabs a considerable amount of data beyond where my Canon would give up the fight. Again. Wow. I'm in love.
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Everything about Zephyr is bigger than the average housecat... benefits of have a leopard for a grandfather. He is as sweet as he is big. In the 9 months he's been with me he's not scratched or bit me once. he's a big teddy bear.
You are in love with the camera, and I am in love with your kitties. Well played :P (seriously though, the first image especially shows how well the movement was captured. I feel like I can feel the tensions!)
Thank you! Most days they are very uncooperative. They don't like to sit still. I have to take the shots as I can get them. And that is always on their terms. :D
You're right @jonpatrickhyde. If he wasn't so sweet, he'd be a terror! @marshalledgar I saw those claws too. all the cats are cute