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EXO: The Way-Too-Perfect Boys
They have the looks, the grades, the athletic ability, and all the charm in the world to make them the elite group of boys in school. You can't even hate them because they are genuinely sweet guys. They're all going to the best universities and will probably be billionaires.
BTS: The Wanna-Be Rebels
These are the guys that act tough, are bad in little ways (late to class, forgetting homework, sleeping in class) but never actually cause any harm. Deep down they're sweethearts but don't ever let them know you know their secret ;)
f(x): The Art Club
They're so creative and in their own world that they're super intimidating, and you'll probably never be cool enough to join the club, but you can certainly dream. They sit in the back of the class and scribble in their notebooks until school is out.
Sistar: The BFFs
Whether or not you're in their little circle of friends, you love them. They're bubbly, hilarious, and nice to basically everybody. They're loud and sometimes annoying but you love them anyway.
B1A4: The Theatre Group
Always up to something strange, these boys are creative, loud, and magnetic. They're in their own little world but you still find yourself looking for them in the halls during passing period. They are the dreamers.
VIXX: The Late Bloomers
These are the guys that come senior year you will be wondering why you weren't nicer to them when they were freshmen. They are pretty close to perfect with an incredibly dorky side. The best part is they haven't noticed their transformation so they still act like their normal selves, not the god-like beings they grew up to be.
Miss A: The Tough Girls
These girls run the show and don't take anyone's attitude. They seem a little intimidating but you know that they will always have your back.
I LOVE THIS SO SO MUCH! Each group is PERFECTLY placed in the right category. I like the explanation you gave because it made sense and was also funny. Thanks so much for doing this! :D
I love this! @kpopandkimchi you totally nailed the placing of the groups too :D
They totally fit each group really well! :) @kpopandkimchi
@StephanieDuong HAHAHA thank you!! I tried to make them true to the group's personalities ahahha
@kpopandkimchi really well done!!!
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